Fully Customized Solutions (and Process)

You may be wondering, where are the systems that are totally built from the bottom-up? We can sit down and discuss in person (e-mail or MSN would be preferred) of the ideal build you are looking for. For example, factors like cost and the level of performance (whether it’s for multimedia applications or gaming, etc.) can be considered.

Afterwards we can produce a “shopping list” of parts that you can purchase at a local computer retail store. Alternately, we can personally (the non-preferred option, but will be done if it needs to) buy all the required components, assemble it, and cover home installation. For either method, we would ask for a small fee of $65 upon handing off the finished product. We do wish we can do all this free of charge, but given the time and effort (alongside with expertise and workmanship) that’s put in for coming up with the completed build we believe it’s not too much to ask for.

The following are what’s covered with every VSPC Fully Customized Solution:

  • Free consultation and estimate
  • Complete assembly and installation of operating system if included (can also install any essential or requested programs, e.g. Firefox, Steam)
  • Lifetime support (response within 24 hours, and can assist with things such as diagnostics or RMA – if certain component is still within warranty period, like say 3 years)
  • Delivery and home installation (this really depends on the location)
  • And more!

If you’re referred through a friend of ours feel free to ask them for our MSN, or you can reach us via e-mail as well at: inquiry (dot) vspc (at) gmail (dot) com.


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