NVIDIA GTX 460 Price Cut

Something like this could have easily went by unnoticed, but NVIDIA discreetly came to the consensus with various vendors to drop the price of the base model GTX 460 (768MB) to $179 USD, also there were cases where prices dropped to as low as $169. Based on this announcement, it reflects a 10% discount from the cards’ MSRP and this is a fairly large portion since profit margins are so slim especially when it comes to video cards.

The recent move was clearly to stay ahead of competition even though the GTX 460 was initially received as an exception performance/price ratio product. On AMD’s end, costs for their HD 5770, 5830, and 5850 cards have already been slowly going down since this summer in response to the arrival of the GTX 460. Confusing as it is, but NVIDIA’s to release a budget entry level card, the GTS 450 sometime this month with similar pricing.

Read the full article from Xbit here. As of writing this, cards for as low as $175.99 can already be found.

GTX 460


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