Our Offered Systems and More

You might have noticed it’s all been news posts lately, and it feels the site in general is simply lacking the “customized solutions” element with all the great custom builds. Well rest assured, our current up-to-date pre-configured systems are still around (now at new, lower prices!) and can be all viewed by simply clicking on the “SYSTEMS” button near the top of the page. For your convenience, here are some quick links below:

We’re also working on bringing you the latest on the parts for builds, and we have all the plans (if only new parts can get released quicker!) for the “next generation” computers already. Okay, that might be a little exaggerated but you get the idea. In the meantime, we’ll have occasional news articles on the latest in tech trends to keep everyone busy while we wait for experts at the manufacturing plants that are hard at work. After all, part of VSPC’s commitment is bringing you the latest and greatest in customized desktop solutions.


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