[CLOSED] Contest: What do you look for when buying a computer?

Long story short, we originally tried getting our hands on those recently introduced LaCie MosKeyto (hit the link to see our article on it) ultra-small flash drives. However, they were so small that after using it to transfer a couple of files – the drive was later nowhere to be found. We might have left it in one of the machines that we were building or something, but it’s like it flew away or something. No, seriously.

Anyways as the title implies, you can be eligible to win a brand new PNY Attache 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive by simply leaving a comment below and telling us:

  • What do you look for when buying a computer?

Whether it’s for a new (or even pre-owned) desktop or laptop, and if there are any particular aspects you believe it should have. For example, if I were to buy a new desktop I would personally want it to be fairly compact and relatively quiet. Well that might not be the greatest example, but we’re all ears and tell us what YOU think!

Instructions & Rules

Fill in your responses (brief sentences or point form are both acceptable) in the comment box by clicking the “Leave a Comment” link below this post’s heading or if you are at this post directly, the box should be down below. Please ensure you have provided a valid email address, as that would be our way of contacting you and arranging any means of delivery. Winners will be drawn randomly, and multiple instances of each response coming from the same person will be considered as a single entry. Contest closes October 14, 2010 at 11:59pm and any entries after that time will no longer be accepted. Good luck!

Disclaimer: No purchase necessary. This is not a PNY Technologies sponsored event and the flash drive was acquired along with our own purchases through bulk orders for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and is in original packaging. Since we may be bundling other bonus items with our future builds and had a couple of these lying around, we decided to give away this cool USB drive as part of our very first contest. Due to shipping constraints, we may not be able to ship the item to rural areas. Any names or trademarks used belong to sole respective owners, and we are not held liable for any typographical errors.


11 Responses to [CLOSED] Contest: What do you look for when buying a computer?

  1. Calvin says:

    power, low cost.

  2. David says:

    well a couple of things would be considered.
    1. Cost vs performance – getting the best bang for as low a price as possible.
    2. Power consumption – giant electric bill is hell
    3. sustainability – can this machine be awesome for me in a year or two from now? Or will it get thrown out the window because it can’t stack up to the latest games.
    4. upgradeability – will I be able to add/change components to keep up with changing technology?
    5. quality – will it have dead on arrival parts, is it assembled right, and so on.

    These are I think the main issues

  3. Gab L says:

    The ultimate requirements for me would be the cost and lifespan of the features in the computer. With those two characteristics, you can compare them with a lot of things for ex: performance, reliability, quality, consumer support etc.

    In terms of practicality, my advice for people is to either go for computers with low ended features so they are limited in functionality and performance ex: gaming, movie/photo editing

    Lastly, I would probably pick computers and computer parts that are of popular brands as they seem to be more reliable (probably due to consumers giving positive reviews and performance tests).

  4. snigglez says:

    i would just look for somthing that has lots of fans, lots and lots of fans, a good cooling system and a good graphics card. anything esle is okay to me. as long as my computer doesnt overheat.

  5. edwin says:

    affordable, powerful, doesn’t break down, easy to upgrade, able to play sc2 at maximum setting.

  6. dvnmok says:

    I look for pretty powerful graphics card, cpu, and ram. Most recently, considering SSD’s as well. And to put it all together in a cooling efficient case so things don’t overheat. Then setting the prices as low as possible. So powerful – affordable hardware is very appealing to me.

  7. Sam says:

    In no particular order
    1. Compatability for future upgrades
    2. Cost vs Performance
    3. GPU
    4. Case

  8. Horace says:

    Low Cost

  9. NLee says:

    Laptops: Lightweight since I’m a student and long battery life. I don’t really game so I go for portability. Cost is always a factor.
    Desktop: Don’t have one currently.

  10. Jonathan Chan says:

    – Reasonable Cost
    – Power
    – Specs

  11. SMurray says:

    – screen, battery life, weight, build quality. I purchased a laptop based on the fact that it will last for over 3 years like my previous one.

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