Intel’s New Mobile Core i5 and i7 Parts Get Priced

Looks like Intel is making a move in the processor department too, and it doesn’t seem apparent it’s in response to AMD’s Phenom II and Athlon II Lineup Refresh since this is just for the mobile line. Not only did they update the prices for their existing chips (like the Celeron parts), but the much anticipated 2.66GHz Core i5-580M featuring Turbo Boost now has a  price tag of $266. The main feature however, is the new i7-640M, which runs at 2.8GHz on stock and can reach as high as 3.4GHz when that extra horsepower is needed. Mentioned chips do have a higher 35W TDP, but fret not Intel has a pair of 18W parts, Core i5-560UM @ 1.33GHz and Core i7-680UM @ 1.46GHz, which both will run you $250 and $317 respectively.

This is how the pricing breaks down:

  • Celeron P4600, 32nm, 2GHz, 32W, $86
  • Celeron T3500, 45nm, 2.1GHz, 35W, $80
  • Core i5 560M, 32nm, 2.66GHz (3.2GHz Turbo), 35W, $225
  • Core i5 560UM, 32nm, 1.33GHz (2.13GHz), 18W, $250
  • Core i5 580M, 32nm, 2.66GHz (3.33GHz), 35W, $266
  • Core i7 640M, 32nm, 2.8GHz (3.46GHz), 35W, $346
  • Core i7 660LM, 32nm, 2.26GHz (3.06GHz), 25W, $346
  • Core i7 680UM, 32nm, 1.46GHz (2.53GHz), 18W, $317

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