Samsung Pushing 8GB Laptop Memory Modules

Okay, we admit that a few of these recent posts don’t really tie in with our blog’s theme but we’re sure that most of you out there own laptops or netbooks right? Yes of course, enough said then you might find these articles interesting (or not).

Anyways, Samsung recently announced that they began mass producing 8GB SO-DIMM modules for laptops and mobile workstations, and if other manufacturers were to follow, then 8GB can easily become the new 4GB. To be honest, seeing 8GB as a standard on most laptops today is quite scarce, and Samsung alone won’t be able to significantly change that. However you may see 8GB memory options to start appearing on more powerful, higher end laptops. They claim that their new module consumes 53 percent less power than two 4GB DDR3 sticks, although that may not be a significant improvement in battery life but it does play a role in overall laptop efficiency and long term energy savings.

Dell is the first to market with these new modules, and their 17-inch Precision M6500 comes loaded with four 8GB Samsung modules for a mind-blowing total of 32GB.


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