AMD Catalyst Profile, Now 10.9a

This is a must for all of you with ATI (AMD) Radeon multi-GPU setups, as AMD released a new ATI Catalyst Application Profile (10.9a) this week. Update covers CrossFire performance boosts for quite a few titles including:

  • Mulitplayer Medal of Honor CrossFire update (DX9)
  • Darksider performance and CrossFire AA update (DX9)
  • NBA 2K11 CrossFire update (DX9)
  • Stone Giant CrossFire update (DX10/11)
  • Multiplayer Medal of Honor CrossFire update (DX10/11)
  • Civ V tweak Crossfire update (DX10/11)
  • Hawx 2 CrossFire update (DX10/11)
  • F1 CrossFire update (DX10/11)
  • World of Warcraft DX11 version CrossFire update

Grab the new profile via this link (AMD Downloads).

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