WD Releases Industry’s First 3TB HD

Just yesterday, Western Digital introduced the world’s first ever highest capacity drive, as they broke the 2TB mark and came clear with a 3TB, 5th gen Caviar Green. This drive boasts spacious storage, reduced power draw, lower operating temperatures, and whisper quiet operation as well. There are some drawbacks, however.

For those who are still running Windows XP, your system(s) won’t be able to make use of the full 3TB at the moment. This is because legacy operating system, with the conjunction of a older BIOS and MBR (master boot record), will be capped at 2.19TB. More recent motherboards with a BIOS (non-UEFI), GPT ready OSs like 64-bit of Windows 7, and using correct storage class drivers can address this restriction.

On top of the cap on available space, there are a number of HBA (host bus adapter) and chipset vendors that don’t offer specific driver support for these larger capacity drives. As a workaround for this, WD was so kind to bundle an HBA PCIe card with the Caviar Green 3TB drives which in turn will allow the host operating environment to use a known driver that will appropriately accommodate these larger capacity drives. Hit up the reviews below to see if it deserves almost two-and-a-half of your hard earned Benjamins ($240 to be exact).


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