Intel’s Discreet Price Cuts for Select CPUs

Who says Intel can’t do value oriented parts as well? Anyhow to stay competitive, they reduced prices of six of their entry-level processors across five different lines. Here’s a rundown of the changes:

CPU Speed Original Price* New Price*
Core i3-550 3.2GHz $138 $117
Pentium E6700 3.2GHz $86 $75
Pentium E5700 3.0GHz $75 $64
Celeron E4300 2.6GHz $53 $42
Core i7-640LM (M) 2.13GHz $332 $311
Core i7-660UM (M) 1.33GHz $317 $289

*Prices shown in batch quantity USD figures.

(M) –  Mobile Processor.

The same trends go for most price adjustments, as it’ll take a while before the changes trickle down to the retail end as well since the listings above are for bulk purchases. Although we’re seeing the Core i3-550 go for as low as $130.99 on Amazon already.

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