Roundup: AMD Radeon HD 6870 and 6850

That’s right, there were tons of reviews and related articles pouring onto the web since Thursday evening and yesterday was the official big date for AMD’s release of these next-gen video cards. So we decided to have a dedicated “roundup” for all the recent articles we can find out there, saving you some time and effort. It’ll be interesting what NVIDIA will do to pull off (in addition to price cuts) as a counter to these cards because these new midrange (yes, not mistaken) AMD cards are looking great at their price point, and with the Cayman parts on the way – we’re in for some holiday shopping season.

We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves (below), and it’s definitely not just a second or third opinion. Feel free to give a shout out in the comments or even contact us directly if there any broken links or typos (we wouldn’t be surprised)! Also be sure to check out our roundup for next Friday, although it’s not as big as this one – we’ll be showcasing the latest LED back-lit monitors.

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