Zotac Planning Dual Chip GTX 460 Video Card

Two is indeed better than one, but we’re totally in the wild on whether Zotac has actual production plans or is just teasing with this prototype. From the detailed info and pics on Expreview.com, they managed to cram two GF104 GPUs onto a single PCB and are connected through a NF200 bridge chip. The card will need two 8-pin power connectors, plus each core will have 1GB of GDDR5 for a grand total of 2GB of video memory.

We also have an unusual arrangement for display outputs, this being four DVI and a lone mini-HDMI port. Lastly for the enthusiasts and power users out there, an external SLI connector can be used for a possible quad-SLI setup. Hopefully we’ll get more details and a more solid rundown of the specs when we lean closer to the official launch date, as they’re still working on a custom cooler for this unique card. In the meantime, jump to the site for more images and closeups of the bare card in all it’s glory.


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