Rumors of GTX 580 Launch

Word on the street claims that NVIDIA is suppose to launch their new flagship video card, the GTX 580, sometime this month – well before AMD’s Cayman-based cards. If this is all indeed true, then you should be able to see them popping up within a few weeks or so.

Just keep in mind that this isn’t confirmed, but reports say that NVIDIA will set their new GPUs at about $500 – reflecting on how AMD chooses to price their Cayman cards and the level they perform. Wait, there’s more! A forum member on posted a few images claiming the reference design for the GTX 580 part. Head over here to judge those images for yourself.

UPDATE: It’s only a matter of days before we find out whether there’s going to be a release of any kind, until then there are more talks of a set launch date and card sampling these past couple days. Also the GTX 580 will get a better cooler to compensate for the high TDP of close to 250W, as it’ll be performing well acoustically compared to the predecessor GTX 480.


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