Gigabyte Announces Sandy-Bridge Motherboards

Slated for early next year, Gigabyte already has a handful (eight to be exact, take a glimpse at all of them over at of boards ready with the P67 and H67 chipsets that will be compatible with Intel’s currently non-existent Sandy-Bridge CPUs.

This mid-range line all feature the LGA1155 socket (having support for the 32nm manufacturing process processors), bears Gigabyte’s trademark Ultra Durable 3 copper PCB, takes DDR3 RAM of speeds up to 2200MHz, have two USB 3.0 ports, dual PCIe 16x slots with CrossfireX capability (no mention of SLI), and includes four SATA III 6Gbps ports (only three for the mATX version). Here are a few – we totally admire the classy new black PCB design for the P67A-UD3R, making it comparable with other high-end boards. Check out pictures of the other two motherboards below, the P67A-UD3 (no RAID, sadly) and H67MA-UD2H (with no PCI slots at all).

Top-view shots and spec sheets:


gigabyte_p67a-ud3r_specs gigabyte_p67a-ud3_specs gigabyte_h67ma-ud2h_specs


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