Kingston’s Revamped SSDNow V+100 Series

Kingston launched their next gen SSDNow V+ SSDs (solid state drives) recently, and first off their new lineup is the SSDNow V+100 series. The drives sport a garbage collection mechanism that doesn’t rely on the OS (like TRIM in Windows 7), as well as an improved controller (no mention of SandForce) that offers up to a 25% performance boost compared to the former, and original SSDNow V series.

“Kingston SSDNow drives have been extremely well received in the worldwide IT marketplace. Our customers have told us that they need an SSD solution that ideally sits both price- and capacity-wise between the 64GB and 128GB drives,” said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston. “The feedback through our innovative customer facing programs yielded the 96GB V+100 as the perfect solution to meet these needs, especially as an SSD upgrade path is the preferred execution model rather than spending more on a new system in most corporate environments.”

With this new garbage collection scheme, it supposedly works just as well in Windows 7 and older operating systems, like Vista and XP without needing TRIM support whatsoever. The drives also boast up to 230MB/s reads and up to 180MB/s writes, and come in the following capacities (yes, there’s pricing!):

  • 64GB – $220 USD
  • 96GB – $274 USD
  • 128GB – $390 USD
  • 256GB – $885 USD
  • 512GB – $1,885 USD

UPDATE: Above mentioned prices reflect the MSRP of the stand-alone drives, the complete bundle (upgrade kit with brackets, cables, etc.) we’ve seen around for the original SSDNow will still be available for about $15 extra.


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