AMD Takes Further Lead in Graphics Business

According to a report by Mercury Research, figures indicate that AMD continues to conquer the discrete graphics market and claims the pole spot for Q2. Numbers also show that they managed to add 5.6% to its share in the last quarter, which totals to a 61.9% of the entire market.

“AMD is the clear leader in DirectX 11 graphics technology with more than 25 million DirectX 11-capable units shipped to date, and the Mercury Research results are indicative of our continued focus on delivering compelling graphics technology to both notebook and desktop markets,” said Matt Skynner, corporate VP and general manager of the GPU Division at AMD.

“With the successful launch of the award winning AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics cards, shipping in volume on the day of launch, AMD is in a very strong position moving into the last quarter of 2010.”

It looks like AMD did benefit from mobile graphics in addition to desktop solutions, and with the new HD 6800 series recently released, they’ll definitely finish off this year strong. You can find the report, along with others, here.


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