Roundup: NVIDIA GTX 580

Since we did a major roundup for the Radeon HD 6800 series launch towards the end of last month, it would only be fair to do one for team green. For those who want the quick gist, NVIDIA claims this part as “the world’s fastest DX 11 GPU”, and it is in a way. Most of the reviews state that the new GTX 580 performs fairly closely to it’s predecessor, the GTX 480. While some say that there’s a 10-20% gain and with a couple reviews claiming as high as 30%, but figures for power consumption, heat, and noise are much lower. Despite it’s $499 price tag (we’re seeing closer to $549 for most retailers) and fairly high TDP of 244W, the card was still regarded for good value. Anyhow we’ll let the reviews below do the explaining, and leave the deciding up to you.


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