LG Now Claims ‘World Thinnest Bezel’ Title

Alright, although the size isn’t as impressive as Samsung’s 55-inch DID (Digital Information Display) – link (OLED-Display.net), the engineers at LG Display did pull off a feat with a panel that measures in at 37 inches and with the narrowest point of the bezel being only a ridiculous 1.5mm. Oddly the width of 1.5mm only applies to the top/left sides of the screen, while it’s 2.5mm on the bottom/right sides – this leads to a unnoticeable 4mm of separation. Quick math calculates 111 inches when these are stacked in a 3 by 3 arrangement.

These panels are intended for outdoor advertising, and can be stacked with no quantity limitation of displays used (Eyefinity anyone?), also don’t have your hopes up as there’s still no plans on release date or cost yet. They’ll get demoed at the FPD International show in Japan later in the month. See a beautiful (near bezel-less) closeup below.


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