Laptop Manufacturers Aren’t Pushing USB 3.0

USB 3.0 (left) and eSATA ports shown.

Most laptop manufacturers believe it won’t be at least a year or so before USB 3.0 is standard on most machines. It’s evident that both cost and performance stability are factors of current USB 3.0 chips that aren’t yielding quicker adoption into the market. There are, however, some laptops that will have at least a single USB 3.0 port (e.g. select ASUS and HP models comes to mind). NEC does essentially own the entire USB 3.0 market, and they charge $4-5 per chip – not too bad huh? Well it all adds up, especially rises in cost for varying number of components comprising a laptop that tack on to the grand total of the unit. Since many vendors don’t see a whole deal in demand for the new technology, it would be convenient to simply just produce laptops with the current USB 2.0 spec.

Tell us what you think in the comments of this approach or simply your opinion on this new SuperSpeed tech.


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