ASUS Next with P67 (Sandy-Bridge) Motherboards

So we saw earlier what ASUS was planning with in terms of the software back end (UEFI) that will be shipping on all the Sandy Bridge motherboards. Now there’s new first shots of these boards, and they look fantastic – we’re not so inclined about the “Tactical Jacket” that’s going to be on the Sabertooth P67 though. The design supposedly enhances airflow throughout the entire board, and helps cools other regions as well. Otherwise the TUF series lives up to their reputation, offering an extended 5-year warranty, military-grade components, and a ton of sensors. Also to mention that nearly all of ASUS’s upcoming motherboards will have USB 3.0 and Bluetooth as standard features. Check out some pics we have below (via HotHardware), you’ll probably notice which stands out the most (if you have no idea, it’s the bottom right one).

There’s also a Mini-ITX board (P8P67-I) they’ll be launching that’s worth a mention, and it comes packed with a whole range of items on-board except full-sized DIMM slots.
We also picked out some reasonable to extensive coverage on this lineup, for your convenience sake.

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