Samsung Offers AES 256-Bit Encryption on SSDs

These drives are so special that they deserve their own post. Well that’s not actually the case, but Samsung are offering these hardware encrypted SSDs on the enterprise and government front. From their estimates, a lost or stolen notebook ends up running a company $200 per lost record.

“Faster and more secure than its predecessor, our new corporate-focused SSD is the only one with self-encryption built on TCG’s Opal standard that’s available on the market today,” said Jim Elliot, Vice President, Memory Marketing and Product Planning, Samsung.

Samsung’s SSDs, these ones in particular, offer an always-on hardware based encryption and requires user authentication to take place in the drive controller rather than being stored somewhere in software. According to their specs, these self-encrypted solid state drives actually perform 2.4 times faster than a SSD with software encryption and 3.7 times quicker than an HDD with software based encryption. Neat stuff!


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