NVIDIA Gets Personal with AMD’s Testing Methods

If video cards were to be compared side-by-side, you would want to get the most even test as possible. Although image quality can be a grey area, benchmark results are most definitely not.

NVIDIA is making accusations claiming that their competitor, AMD, uses a different image quality setting that boost benchmark results by sacrificing image quality when comparing to GeForce parts. Uh-oh, whoops?

Head over to NVIDIA’s nTersectblog for the full blog post.

UPDATE: AMD did in fact reply to this particular matter, and here’s what they had to say:

“We are committed to the PC gaming community and take all feedback on image quality very seriously. To that end, we have recently revisited the current default image quality settings used in Catalyst drivers and found them to be on par with the default settings provided by our competitor. We take great care in determining the default settings of Catalyst drivers and believe current settings deliver a very good gaming experience.”


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