Intel’s Sandy-Bridge Launch Details Leaked

Guess we won’t have to until CES (Consumer Electronics Show) at the start of next year, there has already been a leak (on that details Intel’s release schedule including dates and pricing for these chips. According to this list, they are planning to launch 10 different Sandy-Bridge processors on the last day of CES, from the mid-end of the spectrum we have the Core i5 2300 (2.8GHz) at $177 to the more high-end Core i7 2600K (3.4GHz) priced at $317.

Following the initial launch, there will be several other models that will follow suit in February and in Q2 of 2011. We’re actually quite surprised that they didn’t drop the Pentium line just yet. Note that we’re not sure how accurate this internal leak may be, and the actual finalized dates may vary.

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