NVIDIA Believes Sandy Bridge’s Graphics Are “Basic”

There’s been quite a bit of hype surrounding Intel’s next-gen processors with built-in graphics solutions that will literally blow today’s integrated chipsets out of the water, so there should be at least some concern coming from discrete videocard makers right? Nope, not at all, at least as far as NVIDIA is concerned. They say that “demand from OEMs for discrete graphics solutions remains strong and above historic levels,” and are confident in Mercury Research’s estimate that discrete GPU shipments will double from 2009 to 2014. So what’s up with that?

“Unlike basic graphics graphics integrated into Sandy Bridge CPUs, GeForce GPUs provided advanced features and increased compatibility for the latest PC games including those based on Microsoft DirectX 11,” Nvidia explains.

And there you have it, even with all the claims from Intel that Sandy Bridge’s graphics core is far superior than today’s IGPs – NVIDIA in response says there will be plenty of demand for something more than “basic” pixel rendering. To back their claims, NVIDIA says that PC manufacturers are set to launch 200 new products with GeForce GPUs in Q1 and Q2 of 2011.


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