200 Sandy Bridge PCs to be Powered by GeForce Graphics

Looks like NVIDIA was right, even though Intel has their graphics solution on the same CPU die – it’s horsepower is still lacking opposed to discrete products. NVIDIA is boasting 200 design wins that will bundle their GeForce GPUs with next gen Core systems.

One of the issues is that the integrated Intel graphics don’t support DirectX 11, and OEMs need to turn to vendors like NVIDIA (also AMD) for discrete solutions.

“With the explosion in digital content and entertainment, it’s no wonder that consumers love GeForce notebooks,” said Jeff Fisher, vice president of the GeForce business unit at Nvidia. “Our momentum reflects the overwhelming need for a better PC experience.”

The claimed designs are products that are to show up from many desktop/notebook manufacturers including Acer, Alienware, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and several others.


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