Inno3D and CoolIT Bring the iChill GTX 580

In case you guys missed some of neat stuff (asides from tons of desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.) from CES 2011 that ended on Sunday, CoolIT Systems actually announced their partnership at CES 2011 and how Inno3D will be combining their GTX 580 Black Series video card with CoolIT’s OMNI ALC liquid GPU cooler. This indicates that everything will come pre-applied with the loop and heatsink hooked up to the card, so there wouldn’t be any disassembly that needs to take place.

“Inno3D is known for bringing the best available technologies to market and we love innovations that allow us to optimize board performance and acoustics,” said Derek Ng, Marketing Manager of Inno3D. Working with CoolIT on our iChill GTX 580 Black Series has allowed us to create the perfect combination of raw performance, silence and ease iof use. When you pair the fastest CPU in the world with the best possible thermal solution, the results are simply outstanding.”


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