Interested in a Cheaper HD 6950 (or 6970)?

A bunch of UK retailers are selling a new card, essentially it’s a (Sapphire) HD 6950 with just 1GB of GDDR5 memory and that’s half of what standard usually comes with. You can look it up by typing in “11188-01-40G” on Google, but we’re still uncertain when these will make it overseas to the Americas. Right now the part is identical in terms of all the other specs, asides from the memory cut. Based on the costs of the standard version that are being listed, we ballpark a $50 difference in this 1GB model however don’t take our estimate as it’s just an educated guess.

UPDATE: German site, claims that several other vendors will follow suit, and offer both HD 6950 and 6970 cards with less memory. Not sure about you guys, but they just turned our heads.


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