Gainward Introduces a 3GB GeForce GTX 580

Remember when we did a roundup for the GTX 570 cards? We actually featured one of their cards in our roundup – anyhow, here’s the link. Apparently their mother company is Palit, while Gainward on the other hand recently launched its GeForce GTX 580 3072MB Phantom3. The superscript, 3 actually refers to how they built this particular card and it comes loaded with three PWM cooling fans below a gigantic heatsink. A cooling solution that massive does in fact come with notable improvements as they claim there’ll be up to 12 degrees Celsius lower temperatures when compared to a stock GTX 580 under heavy 3D tasks, as well as up to a 54% less noise while on standby.

Then of course there’s the more obvious aspect of the card having a ludicrous, three gigs of video memory. While the other specs resemble quite close to a stock GTX 580, and they include 512 CUDA cores, a core clock of 783MHz, 1566MHz on the shader and 4020MHz for the memory, a 384-bit bus, the usual DX11 support, dual-DVI, HDMI, and finally the DisplayPort. Your guess of how much all this will cost is as good as ours – a reference GTX 580 already costs $499, so something like this will surely come with a premium.

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