Midweek Roundup: NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti

We’re not surprised to see this one coming, as this will be a successor to the previous “performance/price value” crown holder, the GTX 460. Specs? 384 CUDA cores at 1645MHz, 1GB of GDDR5 RAM clocked in at an effective rate of 4GHz, and an 822MHz graphics clock. All this does in fact look like an upgrade over the value-oriented GTX 460 predecessor, but it’s actually intended to replace the GTX 470. Sure, it’s a bit faster, somewhat cooler, and a tad more efficient. If you already have a decent card from last year, we wouldn’t recommend shelling out an extra $250 (USD) for the latest offering from NVIDIA. However if you’re still looking for a card that’s in the sub-$300 bracket, this may just be the one as the coming months will definitely be busy for PC game releases.

Links for initial benches and reviews below, and we’re still having a roundup at the end of this week and we’ll be featuring AMD’s response (mainly the HD 6950 with 1GB of memory) to the GTX 560 Ti. Hopefully all this will make up for last week’s awesome roundup, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: NVIDIA’s new card appears to be quite an overclocker, we’re seeing a couple select cards hit 1GHz on the core while staying at a reasonable ~60 degrees Celcius. Also thrown in last minute below are press releases for their own takes towards this particular part coming from both Gigabyte and ZOTAC.


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