USB Plug that Sports a Clever Design

The preface is simple, it’s a USB connector that can face up or down when you plug it into a USB port. Designer Ma Yi Xuan eliminates this hassle of deciding which side is up when it comes to plugging in a cord or device. It’s currently being dubbed “Double USB”, and this new plug works with a second piece of plastic that also has contacts which can make a connection as well. While both plates fill the entire metal “tube”, the plug has a spring on each contact plate thus allowing one to be pushed back into the plug base when it is connected to a port. The plate then springs back out when it is disconnected, and when you flip the entire connector – the same thing applies for the other side.

“The USB interface is becoming more necessary for us as a standard of data transmission,” Xuan said. “The traditional structure of the USB needs us to identify its side before plugging in. Otherwise, it would lead to failure. The Double USB just helps us overcome this problem.”

Usually cables have a side with the USB logo which indicates the “up” side, but having a neat and clever design like this would most certainly allow one to just plug and go.


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