Roundup: Intel Chipset Debacle Follow-up

We thought this would be the most appropriate roundup to finish off the week, and hopefully this can allow everyone to get a better understanding of the problems many manufacturers and early adopters are facing. With us further into the week now, some major OEMs and distributors are somewhat more aware of the issue we have at hand but it surprised us that some were still selling products after Intel issued the notice. We also got official statements from most of the major motherboard companies with also industry leaders like Dell and HP either pulling sales of current models or pushing back announcements of scheduled products. Feel free to check out any of the links below, or the ones in particular that affect you.

UPDATE: We added a couple more links that may be helpful towards some of you – there is however a “feature” link that we want to mention. Gigabyte actually came up with a small utility that checks your SATA configuration, so you wouldn’t have to pop open your case to take a peek inside. It also makes a recommendation to move any of the devices if you have them plugged into the SATA II (3 Gbps) ports. Here’s the link to the download page for your convenience.


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