Intel May Showcase Ivy Bridge CPUs at Computex 2011

Seems like it was only yesterday when Sandy Bridge was released, and now we’re already talking about the platform that’s going to be the successor. Anyhow, Intel may be showcasing their new line of processors at Computex Taipei this year (from May 31 to June 4, 2011). A Digitimes article states, according to Chinese Commercial Times report, the company will be introducing their 22nm Ivy Bridge processors at the show.

Slated for early 2012, the new chips will be manufactured using a 22nm process and features a DirectX 11 graphics core, compared to the 32nm Sandy Bridge chips that only has support for DirectX 10.1 on-die graphics. AMD is also working on something similar, but already moving towards 2nd-gen of Fusion APUs – however they won’t be a similar 22nm process as they are still pushing 32nm Llano APUs to the market.

UPDATE: It’s definitely a nice Valentine’s gift, our sources state that Intel will be shipping (to OEMs) a fully revised B3 version of the faulty (Series 6, Cougar Point) chipset today. To top it off – there will also be an updated BIOS (UEFI?), full pin compatibility with the previous B2 chipset, and most importantly a “metal layer modification that will improve lifetime wear out with no changes to functionality or design specs” (in simple terms, transistor affecting SATA ports now remedied). Props to Intel for admitting the design flaw, and coming up with a revised product in a fairly short time – now it’s up to all the manufacturers out there to make the swap and get them shipped (hopefully everything gets sorted out before April).

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