OCZ Believes Die Shrink Will Result in Cheaper SSDs

At this point, pricing for SSDs are dropping to more reasonable levels and the drives becoming viable options for mainstream users. For us to just rely solely on solid state drives, however, will still be fairly costly – that’s about to change.

Recently, OCZ managed to successfully transition to 2Xnm NAND flash-based storage for their SSDs and they claim that they’re the first manufacturer to do so.

“OCZ is constantly exploring ways to not just advance solid state drive design but also make the technology more affordable, while maintaining high performance and reliability standards,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. “We are excited to complete the transition to the next generation 2Xnm NAND components which reiterates our strategy of producing high performance SSDs at the most attractive price point available for consumer applications.”

For those that want to still buy OCZ solid state drives that are based on the older 3Xnm process, will be able to but will be at a higher price-per-GB ratio as stated by OCZ. At a performance level, they still expect the same speeds as their predecessors. Sadly, there was no saying when the first 2Xnm-based SSDs will hit the shelves.

UPDATE: For those of you wondering about the controversy on the capacity and performance hit on select OCZ SSDs after they transitioned to the 25nm NAND process, Tom’s Hardware has an excellent article where they go hands-on.


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