Intel Shipping “Decacore” Processors by Q3

We’re clueless whether this is the term they’ll use for 10-core CPUs, but Intel’s Westmere-EX Xeon processor will be shipping this half of 2011. Last week an Intel rep said these chips will follow their 2010 release of the Nehalem-EX, which is currently their fastest server processor offering on the market that has eight cores. The new Xeons also introduce brand new security features including AES-NI (Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions) for faster encryption and decryption processes. The CPU is based on the 32nm manufacturing process opposed the 45nm process that the Nehalem-EX used.

The Intel spokesperson also stated that the new Xeon processors are intended for high-end servers (up to eight sockets) in data centres which manage large databases and run other intensive applications. Each core will be able to run two threads, and yield a total of up to 160 threads simultaneously (8 CPUS, 20 threads each). Two-socket systems with the Westmere-EX chips can also handle up to 2TB of memory. Good news for customers is that the new part is fully backwards compatible, and will work with current Nehalem-EX configurations.


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