Roundup: Motherboards

Last week’s roundup was definitely not corny at all. Okay, maybe a little bit (or quite). On the more serious side of things now, and we noticed that we covered almost every part of a desktop computer from all of our roundups in the past. Video cards were no doubtingly a popular topic, especially with new releases from the two graphics giants.

Well, it’s Motherboards (who calls them mainboards?) this week and we have a mix of platforms for both the first and second generation Intel Core chips as well as several others (we’re not leaving you out AMD!). We decided to have a little variety since many retailers listed several “older” parts as an opportunity to clear out inventory when Intel had the recall, but good news is that we’re seeing revised boards now and it looks like MSI was one of the first out the door with them. Something we’d like to bring your attention to are the Sapphire Pure Black boards (X58 and P67), as they’re not among the usual suspects that bring motherboards to market but it looks like they’re introducing quite unique products (P.S. we love the bold color scheme) since having acquired EVGA’s design team.

UPDATE: Threw in a couple more reviews, enjoy!


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