AMD’s Llano Platform Outperforms Sandy Bridge in Demo

There’s been quite the buzz with AMD’s Bulldozer architecture lately, however their Llano platform is still on schedule for release this year as well. In case you guys haven’t seen the video, the results aren’t surprising with them favouring AMD’s solution. Their director of Client Technology, Godfrey Cheng, says:

“People are using more modern workloads like 3D graphics, HD video and Internet surfing in a much more prevalent manner…we all dabble with spreadsheets and word processing…but any modern x86 CPU-based PC can handle these workloads with ease.  But with these modern applications, the capacity to multitask, improve image quality and enhance power efficiency are much more important than raw x86 performance in determining how good a consumer’s experience is with a particular PC.”

“AMD’s “Llano” and Intel’s “Sandy Bridge” are roughly equal in size and transistor count…But…An analysis of the two components’ die area shows that AMD has invested much more heavily in graphics, parallel compute and video whereas Intel has invested much more of its silicon area in improving classic x86 performance.”

It’s hard to tell how both environments or workloads were exactly set up, so we’re uncertain if there’s any bias in the demo. Check out the video below (1080p toggle enabled only after playing clip) and judge for yourself.



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