Samsung Touts 1TB (per Platter) Hard Drives

The arrival of 3TB hard drives we’ve been hearing for a while now is probably old news, maybe except for the one Seagate recently introduced. However those drives and any large capacity drives that are currently on the market, require multiple platters to have data written to. What’s very interesting in Samsung’s case is that they claimed to have engineered one of the first hard drives to be able to store 1TB worth of data on just a single 3.5 inch platter. Impressive.

Samsung currently has a 2TB desktop model (HN-D201RAE) which contains only two platters, as this can be built on and yield capacities of 3 and 4TB. Current 3TB HDDs contain four 750GB platters, and the company takes it as far as showing an 1TB 2.5 inch drive that houses two 500GB platters. There still isn’t any word on availability, but the 3.5 inch drive (part of their Spinpoint EcoGreen series, 5400rpm) will have 32MB cache and use the SATA 6Gbps interface. It’s expected to arrive sometime this year, while the 1TB, 5400rpm notebook drive should debut sometime in April.

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