MSI’s “Military Class” Components Isn’t Just Marketing

If you’ve seen their video cards and motherboards then you should know what we’re talking about. For the rest of you, this particular hardware manufacturer advertises their parts to all have “Military Class” components, including Hi-c CAPs (highly-conductive polymerized capacitors), SFCs (Super Ferrite Chokes), and other intricate lingo. Talk about hot air? Definitely not, according to MSI at least.

MSI actually hired a 3rd-party professional laboratory (Integrated Service Technology Inc.) to carry out temperature, stress, and humidity tests in accordance to U.S.’s Department of Defence components standards. They also say that Hi-c CAPs are commonly found on aerospace and military products and according to results, their parts passed MIL STD 810G tests for low pressure, high/low temperature, vibration, and shock. This includes the SFC and aluminium cored solid capacitors as well.

Your guess is good as ours whether there’s any endorsements involved just to obtain an honorary plaque for meeting standards since MSI did hire the lab coats, but on the other hand it’s worth noting that IST Inc. is in fact an accredited lab in business since 1994.

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