Roundup: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

Looking back at our regular weekly roundups shows how AMD was on top of those frequent releases, and they stole most of the spotlight. That’s about to change with this new card aimed at mainstream, budget concious gamers and the much anticipated GTX 590 flagship coming soon.

The GTX 550 Ti is considered an update and replacement for the younger sibling, GTS 450 – fairly attracting too when the cost ticks in at $149 (US). Quick run through specs points only 192 CUDA cores (same as previous gen GTS 450, no surprise given price), but to make up for that NVIDIA aggressively pushes the core to 900MHz and the shader to 1800MHz. They also bundle 1GB of memory for good measure too, running at 4GHz – it may have a performance hit due the 192-bit interface compare to how well the GTX 560 Ti fares (256-bit). As usual with these roundups, we’ll let the reviewers help you decide whether this is the card for you.

Quick note, this may be the last of our roundups that we do on a weekly basis and this is much to do with our availability (sorry!). With major product releases, however, we’ll continue to strive and make an effort to bring the news for everyone. Have a great weekend!

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