Microsoft Sends Windows 8 to OEMs

It seemed like it was only a couple months ago that the latest version of Windows hit the market, but recently Microsoft has already started distributing early copies of Windows 8 to key OEM partners. The build is numbered 7971.0.110324-1900, delivered through the company’s Connect testing system, and major OEMs like HP are able to access Milestone 3 of the operating system. They’re advertising the program as “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program”, on Microsoft’s Connect site and needs a special invite code.

One of the purported leaked features of the future OS is the system reset function that everyone’s talking about, however the primary Windows 8 interface is believed to be fully 3D and it’ll be “fully dynamic” – being able to adapt user habits (icons and shortcuts). Another rumored feature is a new fast hibernation mechanism that will takes only 3-6 seconds to save all open documents and running tasks. There’s also rumors of dual-UI bundled, with the addition of a tile-based user interface codenamed “Mosh” to be included.

For the record, this is no April Fool’s joke – if you thought it was then the joke’s on you! 😉


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