Intel’s X79 Chipset Revealed: No Sign of USB 3.0

Now everything’s settled for the company after the whole Sandy Bridge recall fiasco, Intel is prepping a X58 successor for early 2012. Below is a leaked slide highlighting all the details for what to expect on the board when it hits, but interestingly there’s no mention of USB 3.0 whatsoever.

This is rather a special case since we should see at least a pair on the I/O connectors and even an internal header, especially for an higher end board. There are plenty of SATA 6Gbps (10 total), and whopping 14 USB 2.0 connections can be made. It’s a possibility that all this isn’t finalized and Intel is in fact currently concentrating on their Thunderbolt standard, so we’ll see what this new X79 platform will bring us in the near future.

Not sure if we actually need connectivity for that many USB 2.0 ports, and perhaps the info is on another slide. Hopefully.

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