LucidLogix Embeds Multi-GPU Tech on Intel H67 & Z68 Chipsets

We remember mentioning this when they were going to showcase a working concept of this innovative technology at CES early this year, but now it has become reality. LucidLogix announced this week that their Virtu Solution are licensed out on select Intel desktop boards with the H67 and Z68 chipsets, and their Virtu GPU virtualization software will come bundled on several SKUs of genuine Intel boards.

A quick recap if you’re not familiar with Virtu, it’s a software platform that allows systems to take full advantage of the media processing features that are built into the 2nd gen Intel Core CPUs and 3D gaming performance of discrete GPUs. In short, both graphics processing units can be working cooperatively to offer the best of both worlds.

Formerly, external graphics solutions simply disabled on-board integrated solutions but now with Lucid’s Virtu it’s viable to run single or dual discrete GPUs and still be able to utilize the transcoding horsepower and efficiency of Intel HD graphics in 2nd gen Intel Core CPUs. Asides from Intel making Virtu available in many motherboard SKUs based on H67 and Z68 chipsets where the Virtu brand will be featured on the board’s packaging for system integrators and end users, but no solid details yet.


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