Intel and Micron Plan to Cut SSD Densities by 50%

All the chip makers are moving forward in the world of SSDs by shrinking NAND technology. The two however, wants to take it to the next level by doubling down the density of their flash chips. This quite brilliant from a tech perspective, and good for consumers as well since lower density chips will result in cheaper SSDs. Starting this summer, IMFT (IM Flash Technologies, joint venture between Intel and Micron) plans to intro an enterprise-level SSD built on a 20nm manufacturing process and will be taking advantage of the PCIe standard.

“This will be the industry’s leading drive,” says Kevin Kilbuck, Micron’s director of strategic marketing for Micron’s NAND Product Group. What’s more, not many companies have the intellectual property to produce SSDs at the 20nm level, Kulbuck said. He added, “When we were at 50nm, pretty much anyone could slap together an SSD. At 20nm, it’s almost the opposite effect.”


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