Powercolor touts World’s First Single Slot HD 6850

It seems like a while since we did an article about video cards, and if you’re someone who’s looking in to multi-GPU setups or something for the HTPC then this is for you. Most of the GPUs on the market today usually take up two slots on the motherboard mostly due to the cooler they have. Luckily we have many innovative companies out there that like mashing up designs of their very own, and Powercolor happens to be one of them.

Currently there aren’t that many details on the custom cooler besides bearing three units of 8mm heatpipes with a full cover shroud, but the card itself will be a standard AMD Radeon HD 6850 with stock speeds (775MHz on the core and 1000MHz for the memory on a 256-bit bus) and powered by a single 6-pin PCIe plug.


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