App Store, Cloud Settings in Latest Leak of Windows 8? Wait, there’s more! (Weekend Bonus)

We promise we’ll give this topic a rest – as we shall finish this week off with even more development of future plans Microsoft has in store for all of us. Starting with the app store, people managed to find this logo (right) and several other hints at the code level. This includes trial apps and being able to unlock them to full versions, and other “app store” attributes ranging from screenshots to system requirements. Another leak that has surfaced is that there are some new cloud-based settings that allow one to take their desktop profile and customizations and move them to another system, so allowing you to sync apps as well. There’s also going to be support for 3D displays and Wi-Fi Direct to boot.

That’s not all.

Microsoft also has something else in the works that doesn’t have the number eight in it. The Windows Team launched an RC of Windows Thin PC, or WinTPC, for specific applications. Here’s what MS’s Karri Alexion-Tiernan blogged:

Customers like the reduced footprint of WinTPC – the machines they will likely use it on often have less disk space than brand new machines and WinTPC helps to ensure they will have adequate space. They also like the write filters which are helping customers to secure the device running WinTPC by preventing them from saving data or installing applications locally and they’re also pleased they can leverage their existing System Center products for management and deployment.

This particular version of Windows will hit release sometime before summer.


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