Gigabyte Inks Deal with LucidLogix

Late last week, Gigabyte – the leading manufacturer of motherboards, video cards and several other hardware solutions announced a long term partnership with LucidLogix (guys behind the Virtu GPU virtualization tech). This is a clear indication of the broad adoption of Virtu on slated Gigabyte 6 series motherboards in the future, here’s what Henry Kao, VP of R&D at Gigabyte has to say:

“We are excited about our new partnership with Lucid because of the huge potential for switchable graphics in the PC DIY market where GIGABYTE motherboards enjoy considerable market share,” said Henry. “We believe that Virtu will add considerable value to GIGABYTE motherboards using Intel’s Sandy Bridge graphics and will provide our customers with the flexibility and choice they want from their system.”

While LucidLogix issued their own statement as well:

“We are proud of our new partnership with GIGABYTE, who shares our vision of virtualization and high-performance computing for all,” said Offir Remez, president and founder of LucidLogix. “We are sure that Intel Sandy Bridge motherboard customers will appreciate the seamless experience provided by Lucid GPU virtualization, enjoying both Intel graphics’ robust media features and powerhouse 3D gaming from whatever brand GPU they choose.”


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