Brand New Pentium Chips, Heading to a LGA 1155 Socket Near You

Ah, the Pentium brand that we all came to know since two decades or so and it looks like Intel isn’t retiring it any time soon. In fact they’re getting ready to launch two new chips based on the Sandy Bridge architecture within this month.

The three slated chips will support dual-channel memory and are fully compatible with LGA 1155 boards. At the lower end of the spectrum is the Pentium G620, as it’s only a dual-core CPU clocked in at 2.6GHz and contains 3MB of cache – will retail for about $65. Following is the more powerful G840, and it’s also a dual-core but clocked at 2.8GHz with the same 3MB cache – priced at $75. Finally the best of the bunch is the G850 having the highest clock of them all at 2.9GHz, but sadly none of these new parts feature Turbo Boost.

Although official launch is Q2 of this year, but keep an eye out as these new chips may surface and appear on retail shelves as soon as this week.


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