MSI Shows Off New Innovations at Computex 2011 (Weekend Bonus)

First off, we’re all aware of MSI’s popular overclocking utility Afterburner right? It usually comes bundled free with every one of their video card purchases and allows the user to easily adjust clock speeds, voltages by simply dragging the slider or keying in the values. What if you aren’t at the computer to even do this? Well there’s an app for that.

Right now they only have it for Android with an iOS version in the works, but the company emphasizes that the app is something that provides access to all of Afterburner’s features without having to be tied up to the computer. So what’s the point? Say you’re in the middle of running an intensive benchmark and you start seeing artifacts, rather than stopping or quitting the run, you can simply start the app and adjust settings there. Much more efficient.

Applications for this neat mobile app are countless including monitoring while away from the PC, and MSI says it works with video cards by other vendors as well. Above all it’s absolutely free!

Next is something we’re quite fond of, and it’s a PC enthusiast’s nightmare. DUST. This is most evident in the graphics card as a lot can get built up in the heatsinks, and even if you were to go all out water cooling you’ll still find yourself using fans in some parts of your setup.

They company is rolling out a new feature dubbed “Dust Removal Tech” for all their new cards and what it is essentially having the video card have its fans spin in reverse for about 30 seconds when you start the computer. This allows dust to be drawn out of the part rather than to be accumulated by continually having the fans blow onto it.

Sadly there are some caveats to this system, as the dust will still be blown back into your PC and most people have the tendency to leave their desktops on 24/7.


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