MSI Explains Their “Propeller Blade” Technology

On paper they claim that it allows 20% more airflow and wider ventilation angles in contrast to traditional designs, and it can reduce temperatures of up to 21 degrees. This means longer hardware life, more overclocking potential, and of course an overall cooler PC. So one might ask how all this works? For starters, there’s the curved angle and arched edges intended to enlarge the angle of airflow direction. There are also rounded edges that lowers noise. MSI says that grooves in the specially designed propellers increase airflow range, while small arcs generate more airflow. Lastly there’s a gloss coating which serves the purpose of reducing “wind” resistance.

So how do all these tweaks and enhancements stack up? The company said their very own R6870 Hawk with Twin Frozr III ran 21 degrees cooler and 7dB quieter than a reference version. Look for MSI’s Propeller Blade technology on new Twin Frozr III and Cyclone II video cards. Hit up the clip below.


World’s Thinnest Air Cooler by Novel Concepts

We’re not entirely sure whether this will make its way to the Guinness World Records, but Novel Concepts says it is the “world’s thinnest air-cooled heat sink”. The new product dubbed ThinSink is actually thinner than a credit card and is able to 25 times more heat per cubic centimeter than today’s best heat sinks on the market. This particular product was intended for use in compact electronic devices, like notebooks, monitors, and tablets. With minimal power consumption in mind, Novel Concepts designed the ThinSink to only consume 0.031 watts of electricity.

Roundup: Desktop and Laptop Cooling

Although it appears to be cool enough already (well in many northern parts of the world at least), there doesn’t seem to be the need to bring this roundup to your attention. Anyways this is something different we didn’t do yet, hopefully we’ll have many other various categories for our weekly roundups in the future. Okay, enough chit chat – below are several articles and reviews on many cooling products, ranging from ones for the CPU to even laptops. Hit up the links below to see what the reviewers have to say on a specific product, and these sort of things would make great stocking stuffers don’t you think?