ADATA First to Market with Single 8GB Modules

Here’s something new and worthy of mentioning, and it’s ADATA’s new XPG Gaming Series memory. This, however, isn’t your typical RAM as they’re 8GB single modules and are low voltage (1.35V) with rated frequencies of 1333MHz. These modules have 9-9-9-24 timings and complies with JEDEC specs, while the company also mentions that every single memory chip on the module is also strenuously inspected.

“With the popularity of 64-bit operating systems, high-density memory is a prerequisite in many gamers’ minds. We are the first to launch DDR3L 1333G high-density 8GB memory modules, achieved in the XPG Gaming Series,” ADATA DRAM product planning department project manager Alex Wu explained. “This product adopts a 1.35 volt design, to offer gamers excellent stability and efficiency and also reduce waste heat and power consumption costs.”

Currently there’s no word on pricing, but these will come in single 8GB sticks or a paired pack.


MSI’s P67 Motherboard Supports 8GB DIMMs

It all stacks up to quite a bit of RAM! With Intel’s highly anticipated P67 chipset boards featuring the Sandy Bridge processors coming after the start of 2011, a brand new level of memory capacity is to be introduced.

Boards will still use a standard four slot, dual channel setup however screenshots (below) of CPU-Z shows a MSI P67A-GD65 with a total of 32GB memory. This means that all four slots can in fact take high density 8GB modules.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is that there’ll be LGA 2011 boards that will have 8 slots that may be able to max out with 64GB of memory. That will make current standards look like nothing!