ADATA First to Market with Single 8GB Modules

Here’s something new and worthy of mentioning, and it’s ADATA’s new XPG Gaming Series memory. This, however, isn’t your typical RAM as they’re 8GB single modules and are low voltage (1.35V) with rated frequencies of 1333MHz. These modules have 9-9-9-24 timings and complies with JEDEC specs, while the company also mentions that every single memory chip on the module is also strenuously inspected.

“With the popularity of 64-bit operating systems, high-density memory is a prerequisite in many gamers’ minds. We are the first to launch DDR3L 1333G high-density 8GB memory modules, achieved in the XPG Gaming Series,” ADATA DRAM product planning department project manager Alex Wu explained. “This product adopts a 1.35 volt design, to offer gamers excellent stability and efficiency and also reduce waste heat and power consumption costs.”

Currently there’s no word on pricing, but these will come in single 8GB sticks or a paired pack.


NZXT’s Source 210 Chassis for the Budget Conscious Gamer

Most of time many of us would want to make the most of our dollar on performance for a new desktop build, and aesthetics don’t come as an high priority. You’ll probably want to pour more of your hard earned money to a beefier graphics card, get more RAM, and a throw in a SSD to boot. There goes your budget. NZXT totally understands when that happens and their new Source 210 can be a great option if you were to face a rather common situation like that. Breaking it down, the company is charging $40 for the Source 210 and an additional $10 Elite version.

The cases seems quite nice for an entry level product as it sports a textured aluminum panel in both black and white. On top of that there’s the standard cable management, coated interior (in both black or white), and a bottom mounted PSU compartment. As for cooling you can mount up to seven 120mm fans. You heard us right, seven. The Elite model also has USB 3.0 support, tool-less access, and a top 140mm fan for extra cooling.

Roundup: Gaming Peripherals

We have a feeling that we’ll eventually run out of topics for these weekly roundups we do at the end of each week, but fret not – it won’t be happening this week!

Anyways, we got quite the roundup for today and it’s more or so intended for the gamers out there. Whether you’re a casual player that wants to step up their game or an hardcore enthusiast that’s looking to replace old gear – there’s bound to be something suitable in the following links. Some neat highlights include ASUS’s Xonar Xense sound card & headset bundle and an in-ear headset from Roccat, so be sure to take a look at those. Asides from those, we also got the usual suspects of gaming mice and keyboards rounded up with some other accessories thrown in as well.